If you’ve suffered with urinary tract infection for any length of time, chances are that you’ve been told that cranberry is the best thing on the market for your problem.

Cranberry Isn't Strong Enough

Severe and chronic cases of urinary tract infection, which account for about 7 million doctor visits a year in the US, require something that is strong, yet gentle on your body. Cranberry, however is a weak fruit that can only prevent 50% of infections—and that’s ONLY if you eat hundreds of them everyday. But with your busy schedule and daily routines, you don’t have the time or even the stomach for that. You need a fast-acting solution, which isn’t what you’ll get with cranberry.

Antibiotics Are Dangerous Long Term

The problem with traditional antibiotics is that they kill bacteria indiscriminately. There are over 1,000 species of good bacteria in your body - each with their own job to do. By using antibiotics, you’re killing things your body needs and hurting your overall health.

A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria enters your urinary tract and reproduces. The only way to safely deal with your problem is to cleanse your urinary tract and to prevent bacteria from coming in, which antibiotics don’t do.

But ClearTract does! The ingredients in ClearTract are so powerful that your urinary tract infection will be gone within 24-72 hours!

How ClearTract Works

Unlike other products or remedies on the market today, ClearTract works from the inside out and goes directly to your urinary system and coats your inside walls, preventing bacteria from sticking. Bacteria are flushed out of your urine and your Infections are gone quickly and safely!

Why ClearTract is Different From Everything Else
You Have Tried

The ingredients in ClearTract are effective because it is the only product of its kind specifically designed to clean your urinary tract and block bacteria from coming back in.


I have suffered since age 15. That is twelve years. I have had extensive medical testing and treatment most commonly antibiotic treatment and several doctors visits PER MONTH costing anywhere from $150 per month to thousands of dollars for specialists. Then one day a concerned friend came across your web site and sent me the information to check out. I purchased the product thinking ANYTHING was worth a try. I used it the first time I got a after purchasing it (3 days later) and I have been free and clear ever since, nearly two months!I have not been free from this pain longer than a twenty-four period since about age 20. It was a miracle!! I really thought that it would be like every thing else I was told about i.e. cranberry juice, garlic, antibiotics but it was not. Thank God for this product. It was the answer to my prayers.




Just wanted to thank you for this product, Cleartract. i have two daughters ages 12 and 8. they started with recurring, chronic around age 3. We have been to numerous doctors and specialists. mountains of invasive tests with no results. we have been through biofeedback and daily antibiotics. As soon as antibiotics were stopped infections would return with 2 weeks. I came across your site and ordered your product. I took my daughters off their daily antibiotic on feb. 5, 2002. It is now the end of march and infection has not returned. that is a miracle in my book! thank you so much, I can't tell you how happy we all are and what a difference ClearTract has made in our lives.



ClearTract (D-Mannose)

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  * Very Fast Acting (24-48 hour)
  * 10X stronger than Cranberry !
  * Burn Free Formula-Neutral pH
  * Rapid Action (24-48 hours)
  * Recommended by J. Wright M.D.
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  * No Herbs-Safe for all Ages
  * 100% Non-Toxic and Neutral pH

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