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Q. Why haven't I heard more about D-Mannose and Bladder Infections ?

A. The product is just becoming commercially available recently. It has been known about and used for years by some well respected M.D.'s but it has been difficult to obtain due to costs and manufacturing capabilities. This has changed and is now available to the public.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar. It is found in nature and even produced in the body. It's action is very passive. The body doesn't metabolize the majority of the mannose when taken and instead it is passed to the urine. There it passively binds to the offending bacteria. This profile of action is very passive and does not disrupt other processes in the body. No reports of side effects have been reported.

Q. Does it cause problems with blood sugar?

A. The body does not react to mannose in the way it does to most sugars. It does not create an insulin response as the body does not metabolize mannose as it does most sugars and instead excretes it into the urine. (Ganda OP 1979).

Q. Can I take it with antibiotics ?

A. Yes, you can. It is a nutritional food substance that won't interfere. It would be similar to drinking cranberry juice while taking antibiotics which is sometimes recommended by doctors.

Q. Why can't I find it in my local health food store ?

A. The product is not yet in wider distribution yet. It takes a while before retailers will stock a product, expect to see it in the next year. But in the meantime you can order it online and receive it in a little as a day.

Q. What is it made from/ What are the ingredients ?

A. The ingredients are 100% Mannose, which is a rare saccharide that is naturally occurring in some plant and food substances.

Q. Why doesn't my doctor prescribe it ?

A. Unfortunately most doctors are only trained to look to medical procedures and pharmaceuticals to cure illness, causing them to overlook many effective products, like Mannose. Doctor's are constantly bombarded with pharmaceutical drug reps trying to entice the doctor to prescribe their drug. Because Mannose is an all natural sugar compound, it isn't a drug, it's a nutritional supplement. This means there isn't millions of dollars to pay a large staff of people to call on doctors to educate them on Mannose. There are doctors out there using and recommending mannose, but they are rare as it takes alot of time and initiative to find these valuable substances. With overbooked schedules, doctors just don't have the time or resource to find these things.

Q. How fast can I expect relief ?

A. When Mannose is taken the body redirects it to the urine, where it will start to show concentrations in the urine within 30 minutes. Once it is passed into the urine it goes to work immediately. Depending on the concentration of bacteria present will determine how long it takes to clear it out. Mannose users are reporting that their symptoms are substantially better in 24 hours - 48 hours and totally cleared in 3 days.

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