What is D-Mannose ?

D-Mannose, which has been around forever but relatively unknown to many. It is a rare saccharide that is naturally occurring in some plant and food substances and even produced in the body. It is typically sourced from trees as they are the most abundant and cheapest source of d-mannose. Most sugars once consumed typically go to the bloodstream and taken up by the liver to be used as energy in the body. But d-mannose does not follow this typical path. Instead it is largely excreted into the urine through the kidneys, this is very unusual characteristic for a sugar. It has no toxicity and is not a drug, it is a nutritional food substance. It is safe, and all natural. Since it isn’t metabolized it doesn’t interfere with blood sugar regulation, even for diabetics. It creates no disruption or imbalance in normal body microflora.

D-Mannose is a 6 carbon sugar family and is very close in structure to glucose. It is found in some plants, trees and foods. It is also naturally occurring in human metabolism, which means it is not foreign substance to the body. This profile makes d-mannose very safe and biocompatible and should have no side effects at normal doses. D-Mannose is safe, even when taken regularly. Which makes it ideal for people who want to take it long term. In addition, D-Mannose has no side-effects. It doesn’t kill friendly bacteria.

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